Large Outdoor Art Installations

As a part of the preparation for the New Year's celebration, a major European city received 7 new LED Christmas trees. The city government embellished conventional style Christmas trees with LED decorations. One art deco Christmas tree, a 9 ton metallic construction, had branches made of polycarbonate tubes with LED stripes inside. This stylized Christmas tree project was named “Fireworks” and was implemented with 35,000 blue and green Light Engines ClearBeam LEDs, 450 clusters of 72 LEDs each (36-blue and 36-green).

The Light Engines LED clusters are computer controlled to create beautiful coloured illumination and dynamic lighting effects.

The rest of the Christmas trees were more traditional but not less original in terms of decoration. Each Christmas tree had from 50 to 200 LED pendants of various colours. The city bought more than 80,000 Light Engines ClearBeams for this project, which it was a great success.

Light Engines ClearBeams were selected for a number of reasons:

High Light Output - The ClearBeam offered 4 times more light output than standard LEDs based on the same chips.

Variety - colour programmability

Energy Efficient - LEDs are a highly efficient source of light that use up to 90% less energy than conventional lighting methods. Energy conservation is becoming increasingly important for city governments worldwide.