Office Building Project

When redecorating the headquaters of a large television broadcasting company, the lighting designer chose coloured illumination with dynamic lighting effects. An Light Engines solution was chosen incorporating over 15,000 ClearBeams arranged as 440 clusters of 34 LEDs each.

Each cluster cycles colour from red to blue and then to green. Light Engines ClearBeam solution provides:

Longer Life Leading to Low Maintenance Costs - With an expected lifespan of 100,000 hours Light Engines ClearBeam LEDs last approximately 100 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs. In addition Light Engines ClearBeam offers over 70% of the original luminous output even after 50,000 hours.

High Candela Output - Light Engines ClearBeam LEDs provide up to 4 times the candela output of conventional 5mm LEDs using the same chips.

Low Energy Consumption - LEDs are a highly efficient source of light; they use up to 90% less energy than conventional lighting methods.

Robustness - Light Engines LEDs are robust in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.