Shekhtel’s Mansion

Built in the beginning of the 20th century (1909, architect F. Shekhtel), the mansion is one of Moscow's best examples of neoclassic style. To highlight and embellish this historical monument the city government chose LED illumination.

Designers found a clever way to incorporate Light Engines ClearBeam LED lighting, while keeping within the framework of the original facade. LEDs were grouped in 15 system luminaries each with different power output. Each system contained 160 Light Engines ClearBeam LEDs.

By using Light Engines LEDs to highlight the Shekhtel's Mansion, the architects and the city planners were able to benefit in the following ways:

Low Maintenance - The LEDs will last for years, unlike conventional lighting methods which will likely need replacement every few months. The Light Engines ClearBeam offers over 70% of the original luminous output even after 50,000 hours. When maintenance or preventative maintenance is reduced, there can be a dramatic total cost of ownership benefit in architectural environments.

Energy Efficient - The overall energy bill was much reduced.

Reliability - Light Engines LEDs with robust polycarbonate lenses are ideal for outdoor environments.

Variety - The programmability of LEDs in general is a major advantage over conventional lamp solutions.