Product development is performed by a team of dedicated and experienced engineers in LED module design. This team has access to a sample assembly facility as well as a fully equipped lab for characterization. For manufacturing, Light Engines has contact with leading semiconductors assembly subcontractors for the assembly and testing of its products.

All the assembly houses, most located in Asia , have quality certification (ISO 9001, TS 16949) and are regularly visited by our technical and quality teams. The product transfer is documented and assembly according to flow defined by Light Engines taking into account the existing processes / equipment available at the subcontractor’s site.

First samples are assembled within our assembly facility and all documentation as well as special processes when needed is documented and transferred to subcontractors with the technical support of Light Engines teams. Custom equipment like final test machines are developed at Light Engines before being duplicated at the assembler site. Every product is assigned a Product Engineer whose function is to make sure the proper information is exchanged between Light Engines and its subcontractor. The product engineer also follows the manufacturing of its product analyzing the data supplied by the factory. In case of a technical or quality issue, he/she leads the search for solution, with the support of the design and quality teams.

All experience gathered during these production steps is used for the design of the new products to make sure the they will be easily incorporated inside the assembly house, taking advantage of the high volume experience of these companies.