OEM - Automotive

Since June 2002, Light Engines LEDs have been used by a well known European car manufacturer. The company buys Light Engines ClearBeam LEDs which are integrated into a centre high mounted rear stop light (CHMSL). The car manufacturer chose to implement HB-LEDs into their cars for a number of reasons:

Safety The faster response times of HB-LEDs means up to 5-10 meters of additional illuminated stopping distances. Not to mention the higher brightness yielding a stronger beam of light viewable over much longer distances.

Cost LEDs are more robust in extreme temperatures and ‘zero replacement cost’ is a big attraction for all car manufacturers.

Aesthetics LEDs offer designers greater flexibility for styling.

Space LEDs light fixtures consume less space, thus leaving more useful space for the user.

The Light Engines solution involved the use of Light Engines ClearBeam. This product was chosen for a number of reasons:

High Candela Output The luminous intensity of Light Engines ClearBeam is up to 4 times more than best-in-class conventional 5 mm LED lamps using the same chips.

Reliability is one of the key features of Light Engines ClearBeam. Light Engines LEDs offer over 70% of the original luminous output even after 50,000 hours of continuous operation: they will most likely outlast the useful life of the car.

Robustness The use of polycarbonate for the lens guarantees both mechanical robustness as well as optical precision and provides an extremely reliable protection against UV attack.