Since 1998, using Light Engines' patented technology, we have developed a broad portfolio of light engines and discreet LEDs products for end users and leading lighting OEM's in a variety of segments.

Light Engines

We build our LEDs engines on thermally optimized circuit boards in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our light engines include LEDs, resistors, connectors, and most everything you could need on a single lighting module.

OEM's need no longer worry about bin selection, module assembly, and component sourcing required for assembling their light engines. Light Engines. LLC gives you a complete tested assembly, ready for easy integration into your product.

Every day, more and more lighting projects are transitioning to Solid state Lighting (SSL) to provide the greatest energy savings and best total cost of ownership.  Our white light engines were designed for some of the world’s largest SSL projects for our OEM customers and end-users. 

Every LED on our light engines is operated at constant current ensuring optimum light output without worrying about the voltage drop associated with larger configurations.  Our modules are driven with either a constant current power supply or with a constant voltage power supply in combination with our current stabilization electronics on our light engines. 

Our light engines are designed to operate in many lamp configurations, without the need for external heat sinks, secondary optics, and without special current control circuitry.  

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