Research & Development

Light Engines R&D is formed around a core team of engineers, located in Moscow, Russia. This R&D group enjoys important alliances with several renowned academic institutions. As a result, unique scientific expertise can be leveraged into Light Engines products to bring customers best in class candela per dollar value for each project development undertaken.

High value solid state based LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) solutions for many different application segments such as signage, traffic signals, automotive and architectural lightings, industrial and consumer applications originate from this design centre.  Each of these products includes key design elements, linked with optical, electronics and new material research.

Light Engines products are designed with the help of the most sophisticated quality control tools and methodology, under the supervision of expert engineers from many areas of technical competence. These methods imply the usage of latest technologies ranging, for instance, from quick optical prototyping to 3D modeling for thermal management design development tools. The result is a unique LED package incorporating innovative designs for thermal management and precision primary optics
The development processes implemented allow for tight control of design cycle times as well as product specifications and features. In parallel to product development activities, Light Engines is making significant investments in core research to guarantee a rich portfolio of differentiated future products, all based around a passion for maximizing the value of LED chips through superior packaging.

Over the last few years Light Engines has built a strong patents / I.P. portfolio with over 20 filings made or in process and continues to build impressive momentum in this important area. In general, patents concern LED components packaging, heat management and optics expertise. 
In addition to candela per dollar value leadership, Light Engines’s design approach greatly eases the integration of LED based light engines into OEM light systems: cost come out while quality builds in, such that further important savings in total cost of ownership are achieved for its OEM customer base.