Light Engines believes that the development of LEDs as an advantageous alternative to conventional lighting can be accelerated if suppliers, OEMs and end use purchasers work more closely on specific applications. Product performance, cost factors and speed to market can all be improved by combining market knowledge and technical resources at an early stage.

We believe that LED technology will not only replace conventional lighting but also open up entirely new dimensions of working with light. It will offer designers in many different fields exciting new opportunities to make light an intrinsic part of materials and structures.

Our advanced LED products feature patented developments in micro-optics and thermal packaging that optimize light extraction from selected chips, giving up to four times the light intensity of conventional 5mm LED designs.

Light Engines’ products set new price-performance standards in terms of candela per dollar – the most relevant measure of LED efficiency. They are robustly built from high quality components to ensure lower lifetime costs and exceptional operating performance in excess of 50,000 hours.

We use carefully selected, high quality LED dice sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers.

We have a rich technology pipeline and an access to a unique pool of high-level scientific and technical skills.

Our mission is to develop LED products that create advantage for light systems manufacturers and bring new benefits to end user communities.